Do you entertain couples/ women?

Yes I do

Would you meet for coffee?

No. I’m an escort, I don’t do dates, we could meet, but you’d have to pay my hourly rate.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

In a case where client has deposited but can’t make the appointment, 100% of deposit is credited for future use. If refund is requested, 80% is refunded to client within 24 hours i.e 20% cancellation fee

Is this discrete/safe?

Yes. 100% Discretion Guaranteed. I Do Not Maintain Emails, Phone Numbers, Appointment Books. Everything Is Deleted, nothing is stored. I Do Not Associate With Other Companions, I Am Not A Member Of Any Forum And Do Not Post in Forums And I Do Not Engage In Drama, Gossip Or Sharing Client Information. Also I Am Not Affiliated With Any Law Enforcement Agency

Is a Deposit required?

For quality assurance purpose and safety reasons, first time clients are required to pay in advance to book and secure appointments. Returning clients can pay cash on arrival.

What are your rules?

NO Facetime for first time clients (due to the nature of the industry)
NO explicit, graphic or rude message. You’ll get blocked
Text to book. Call can come in upon appointment confirmation
Just be cool then I’m sure we’ll have a great time

How can I verify I’m not talking to an impostor?

You should only use the contacts in the contact section of this website. When in doubt, use the live chat button

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